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Hishel - An elegant HTTP Cache implementation for httpx and httpcore.

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Hishel (հիշել, remember) is a library that implements HTTP Caching for HTTPX and HTTP Core libraries in accordance with RFC 9111, the most recent caching specification.


  • 💾 Persistence: Responses are cached in the persistent memory for later use.
  • 🤝 Compatibility: It is completely compatible with your existing transports or connection pools, whether they are default, custom, or provided by third-party libraries.
  • 🤗 Easy to use: You continue to use httpx while also enabling web cache.
  • 🧠 Smart: Attempts to clearly implement RFC 9111, understands Vary, Etag, Last-Modified, Cache-Control, and Expires headers, and handles response re-validation automatically.
  • ⚙ Configurable: You have complete control over how the responses are stored and serialized.
  • 📦 From the package:
  • 🚀 Very fast: Your requests will be even faster if there are no IO operations.


Install Hishel using pip:

$ pip install hishel

Let's begin with an example of a httpx client.

import hishel

with hishel.CacheClient() as client:
    client.get("")  # 0.4749558370003797s
    client.get("")  # 0.002873589000046195s (~250x faster!)

or in asynchronous context

import hishel

async with hishel.AsyncCacheClient() as client:
    await client.get("")
    await client.get("")  # takes from the cache


Configure when and how you want to store your responses.

import hishel

# All the specification configs
controller = hishel.Controller(
        # Cache only GET and POST methods
        cacheable_methods=["GET", "POST"],

        # Cache only 200 status codes

        # Use the stale response if there is a connection issue and the new response cannot be obtained.

        # First, revalidate the response and then utilize it.
        # If the response has not changed, do not download the
        # entire response data from the server; instead,
        # use the one you have because you know it has not been modified.

# All the storage configs
storage = hishel.S3Storage(
        bucket_name="my_bucket_name", # store my cache files in the `my_bucket_name` bucket
        ttl=3600, # delete the response if it is in the cache for more than an hour
client = hishel.CacheClient(controller=controller, storage=storage)

# Ignore the fact that the server does not recommend you cache this request!
        extensions={"force_cache": True}

# Return a regular response if it is in the cache; else, return a 504 status code. DO NOT SEND A REQUEST!
        headers=[("Cache-Control", "only-if-cached")]

# Ignore cached responses and do not store incoming responses!
response =
        extensions={"cache_disabled": True}

Support the project

You can support the project by simply leaving a GitHub star ⭐ or by contributing. Help us grow and continue developing good software for you ❤️